Experience the Fun of Squash ⁠— Without Barriers

Join the CBS Hot Shots, the inclusive squash program for people with disabilities. Have a blast playing and connecting with others!

Two squash players with down syndrome holding squash rackets and smiling at the camera

Challenge Yourself

Have Fun, Make Friends

Sweat Your Socks Off

We specialize in leaving nobody behind.

When you’re living with a disability, finding and accessing quality, affordable and fun sports can be frustrating.

There are always challenges, like:

  • Navigating a new recreational experience and environment safely
  • Finding the financial means to pay for registration fees, etc.
  • Transportation to and from squash 
  • Getting the necessary sports equipment and appropriate safety gear

That’s why we created the CBS Hot Shots!
An inclusive squash program that breaks those barriers for you; complete with a 4 week free trial period!

Our Core Programs

Explore our range of inclusive squash programs. CBS Hot Shots offers tailored sessions, coaching, and events designed to cater to individuals with disabilities. Join us and take part in the wonderful world of squash, regardless of your athletic abilities.

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program Icon - silhouette of a man playing squash.

Squash for people with neurodevelopmental disabilities

Designed for persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities like Autism, Downs syndrome & ADHD

Low or No Vision Squash Program Icon - silhouette of a man wearing safety goggles playing squash.

Squash for persons with partial or no vision

Designed for persons with partial or no vision like Tunnel Vision, Legally Blind, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Completely Blind, etc.

Wheelchair Squash Program Icon - silhouette of a woman in a wheelchair playing squash.

Wheelchair Squash

Designed for persons who have mobility issues. Our wheelchair squash program includes sports wheelchairs for participants and the courts have been made wheelchair accessible.

A Global First

We are the first squash program in the world to offer coaching services to persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities and persons with partial or no vision.

The WSF continues to promote squash as one of the most inclusive, accessible, and healthiest sports in the world. With the tremendous advancements in technology and global outreach by governments for improved national health and fitness, significant advancements have been made to modify equipment and elements of the game to ensure that it is more inclusive and much more accessible. I know that recently, efforts have been made to introduce the game to emotionally, mentally and physically challenged individuals and I would like to extend our gratitude to the Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program, Conception Bay South, for being a leader in this initiative.

As Featured On

On behalf of Squash Canada, congratulations to the Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program, Conception Bay South, NL on hosting the first ever squash tournament in Canadian history [on February 17, 2020] catering solely to emotionally, mentally and/or physically disadvantaged individuals!
— Squash Canada

Meet The Coach

Eric Hart

Our head coach, Eric Hart, is NCCP certified and has more than 20 years experience coaching squash, plus he is the Head Coach of the CBS Special Olympics Softball Program. He has been voted the CBS Coach of the Year 3 times and was chosen 2022 CBS Citizen of the Year.

He created the CBS Hot Shots inclusive squash program in 2019. He and his team of assistant coaches have been running (and loving!) it ever since.

Inclusive squash club head coach Eric Hart with arms folded and smiling at the camera

The program is run well. The administration is excellent. Communication is excellent. Fees are reasonable. Coaching supervision is great. Coaches are doing a wonderful job instructing athletes and pushing them to perform to the best of their ability. Athletes are having fun and learning new skills. They are motivated. They are interested in attending every week and look forward to it. As a parent I feel it is a good use of my time to ensure my son gets to squash because I believe it benefits him socially, physically and mentally. Thanks to you and the coaches for an extremely well run program that is very much enjoyed by the athletes.

Parent of Athlete

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program

I signed up for the Squash Camp with doubts as for what this could offer me. I had no experience with the Squash sport, and very little knowledge of how the game was played. I have very low vision and am legally blind. I felt nervous and indeed intimidated. I thought to myself, what am I doing? However, it turned out to be a great experience as well as a confidence booster. I am so glad that I signed up for the camp.


Low Vision/No Vision July 2023 Squash Camp Participant

My granddaughter loves her Friday night squash mixing with her friends and learning new skills from her coaches. She is always excited about making progress in the game. Thank You for a wonderful year of fun.

Grandparent of Athlete

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program

My son really enjoyed it, he can’t wait for September to start again. The coaching was amazing. You and your coaches are the most understanding, patient and above all knowledgeable not only about squash but how to accommodate each and every athlete no matter the disability. When he walked through your doors he was accepted for the young man who was interested in a sport he had no knowledge of and your expertise gave him the confidence to believe he could learn. He has not once been discouraged or frustrated but has shown great desire to keep trying to improve. For this I am so grateful.

Parent of Athlete

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program

Both of my boys enjoy the squash program immensely! They love the interactions with their coaches. It is a joy to watch the coaches and fellow athletes all interact in such a caring, nurturing environment! First class program!

Parent of Athlete

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program

I am pleased my son looks forward to playing squash. It helps improve his coordination and keeps him very active. Thank you for all that you do.

Parent of Athlete

Neurodevelopmental Squash Program

How It Works

Whether you’re a seasoned player, a young talent, a parent, a sponsor, or simply an advocate of inclusive sports, we invite you to be a part of our community. Together, we can create a lasting impact, making squash accessible to all and championing a more inclusive future.

close up of hands dialling a smart phone

1. Have A Quick Chat With Us

Fill out our contact form and someone from our club will get back to you. We have some initial screening questions and details to go over with you.

two squash rackets and a squash ball leaned up against a wall in the squash court with a red ribbon behind

2. Book Your Intro Session

Pick an introductory practice/abilities assessment time with our Head Coach. During this session we make sure you are a fit for our program.

side view close up of 3 players in ready position and smiling

3. New Players Sign Up

Your first registration is for a free introductory 4 week trial period to see if you like the sport. After that, if you like, you can register for the year.

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